Essie - Geranium


Essie - Geranium

This is a vibrant red with a more orange than blue tint. I was mesmerized by the American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Poppy but didn’t want to order it online or wait to buy it in the closest store (about 30 min drive away)! While at Wallgreens, I spotted an almost identical color by Essie called Geranium. I was pleased since my favorite nail polish line is Essie at the moment! <3 I hope to try the American Apparel product as I am oogling their other color MacArthur Park at the moment. 

I was very pleased with the ease of application, fast drying time, and finish of Geranium. Essie has yet to fail me! Unlike very opaque Poppy, this has a more glossy look, although it only took 2 coats to achieve this look. I didn’t apply a top coat since it was already so glossy, but a top coat might protect the finish. In comparison with pictures online, I think the glossier look of Geranium makes it more wearable than Poppy. I see this being a great spring and summer color - one that makes others go “ooo and aw…”. 

The pictures don’t do this color justice. All in all its a very vibrant and almost kitschy red. 

At $8.00, its a bit pricey but Essie wears for days and days so if you are in for a quality, unique red - go grab yourself a bottle!